How harmful it is for our health not to exercise

harmful it is for our health not to exercise

Increases your physical strength and keeps the body in balance. The one who exercises regularly is definitely stronger than the one who is lazy. Of course, more or less everyone knows that physical exercise increases work capacity and body strength.

Because it is normal for people who exercise and work hard to have more physical ability. In addition to having more physical capacity, the body remains disease free and healthy.

Harmful aspects of extra exercise

You must exercise to stay healthy. However, never do extra exercise beyond your means. Excessive exercise is not beneficial for your body but harmful. However, in the beginning you need to do a little exercise and gradually increase the level of giving as much as you can.

But extra exercise in the beginning is not good for your health at all. After exercising for a while, your exercise will gradually become a habit and you will be able to practice physical exercise for a longer period of time than before. Excessive exercise can easily lead to fatigue. And the body may feel pain as well as food deficiency problems.

Avoid exercising, especially when you are sick. Because when you are sick your body needs rest but then if you do physical work and exercise it can be harmful to your health.

However, if the body ever feels bad and you do not feel the strength in the body to exercise, then there is no need to exercise that day. Because a sick body can never tolerate your physical exertion. As a result, your body is more likely to get sick.

Exercise for better sleep

Good sleep helps to keep our body healthy and well. However, most of us do not sleep well at night. However, for those who do not sleep at night, physical exercise is the best solution.

Because exercise makes the body tired and it is possible to sleep deeply at night easily. And if we sleep deep at night, our body fatigue will definitely go away and we will be able to feel much fresher from inside.

If you exercise, you must eat vegetables. Vegetables can be extremely beneficial for the body when exercising. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients. Which is very effective in keeping our human body healthy and strong. There are so many benefits to vegetables in particular that it is impossible to summarize.

So do not be lazy in eating natural vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain some nutrients that we do not find anywhere else. So the importance of keeping greens in the daily food list is immense.

Mental health as a result of exercise

It is true that physical exercise not only improves physical health but also improves mental health. And it is possible to be much healthier mentally.

Because if we are not in good health, there is no question of our mind being good. But when we exercise our body stays good so mental health improves a lot. Physical work and exercise can keep you mentally light and fresh. Physical exercise also helps to keep the mind free from anxiety.

This is why exercise is very effective in relieving depression in people. However, it is true that exercise is good for physical and mental health.

Improves memory and brain

Physical exercise is extremely beneficial for our brain. When we exercise, our blood can circulate properly inside the brain and the brain can function properly.

Exercise helps increase brain function as well as strengthens and enhances our memory. However, those who have poor memory can practice yoga. Because there are some seats inside the yoga exercises that are extremely beneficial for our brain and memory power.

Laziness to exercise

Laziness in exercising is a well-known problem for everyone. Because most of us want to exercise but can’t get rid of laziness and start exercising.

However, if you want to exercise, you must eliminate laziness. But the most interesting thing is that once you start exercising, laziness will go away very easily. But don’t be afraid to exercise, at least start small every day. Because many people are afraid to work hard. So if you develop the habit of exercising little by little, laziness will go away.

And once the laziness is gone, it will never be a problem to exercise again. Life is one, so as long as you live, you must live in health. So it is very important to develop the habit of regular exercise to stay healthy from now on.


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