The best way wear to stylish Necklace

The best way wear to stylish Necklace

For those who love to wear jewelry and wear it often, surely Sanon’s styling looks great? In order to enhance the beauty of the gorgeous silver jewelry, the young star has chosen a very simple solid color dress and has also given importance to minimalism in the field of makeup or hairstyle. Undoubtedly, his fancy styling is eye-catching! Usually we choose jewelry to match the dress, here is the exact opposite. The rest of the look is created with the most importance on the jewelry, resulting in a great effect.

Honestly, gold and silver with white are great colors. So the day you have a plan to wear heavy gold jewelry, you can also choose white clothes. And matching silver jewelry with silver or German silver Indo-Western or traditional clothing is called Picture Perfect!

If you wear heavy jewelry around your neck like a masterpiece, then there is no need to wear anything on your hands or ears. Leave the hair slightly wavy. Beautiful earrings should be worn, but the hair should be tied up and clothes should be chosen that are bare at the shoulders. When it comes to makeup, focus on moisturizing natural shades. Tuktuk red lipstick can be used for evening outfits.

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